Baby Steps and Baby Trees

I have no idea what I was envisioning when I signed up for ten native flowering trees from the Arbor Day Foundation after simply making a modest donation for a membership. Perhaps it was the thought of the full grown trees lining my driveway or possibly the fact that it was a cost effective investment, regardless all signs pointed to ordering these trees. I then proceeded to forget about it until a plastic bag about 18 inches long arrived on my doorstep. And when I say I forgot about it, I’m not being completely honest- I knew I ordered them but did effectively nothing to prepare for their arrival. But there they were and the pressure was on- they had to be planted ASAP.

My poor husband. He returns home after a rough week working in Zurich to a wife with an agenda- a tree planting agenda. He used the tractor to clear some areas for the trees and Rylan and I went to town with the shovels. We dug the holes, cleared the dirt around them, planted the trees, and laid mulch down for protection, making sure the mulch wasn’t touching the baby trees. Rylan watered them as well; she was an indispensable help as usual. During this time Justin was playing in the house as he refused to get dressed to come outside and was being particularly defiant all weekend. His not being witness to this laborious process could have something to do with his wild abandon and disregard for “Mommy’s sticks” when he later yanked them out of the ground curiously. Granted, they are literally just small sticks with roots and tiny sprouts of green, but they are so much more to me. These soon to be beautiful trees are the beginning of this process of planting and nurturing and caring for the gifts of the earth for me on this journey. So although they may be just sticks to Justin, they are baby steps to a new life on our farm.

Next up- fruits and vegetables to plant! I just finished up my order of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry bushes. Got some great deals on those at Gurney’s website, but the veggie plants I will likely get from the farmer’s market again this year. They have so many varieties in six packs that are perfect for my current needs in the garden. I think a seed catalog order for a package of 1,000 tomato seeds is a little more than I need this year. Baby steps.

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps and Baby Trees

  1. Sharon Philippe

    1,000 tomato seeds…….what a visual. And the volunteers that come up the next year because you could pick them fast enough….and of course, you can’t “NOT” take care of each and every volunteer because its a gift of food (like you were starving)….ah yes! 1,000 tomato seeds…the gift that keeps on giving…..XO


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